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Test Embrace: a new pioneering technique at Clinica Fertia

The most common method of obtaining information on the genetic quality of an embryo is an embryonic biopsy and its subsequent analysis using massive sequencing.

However, as has happened in many other fields of medicine there is a new trend for the development of non-invasive diagnostic methods.

With these new advances they have managed to isolate fetal DNA in maternal blood, which allows the diagnosis of genetic abnormalities in the first trimester, decreasing very significantly the need to use invasive techniques such as amniocentesis or a corial biopsy.

In the field of assisted reproduction, the first study published in 2016 informed us of the presence of embryonic DNA in the culture medium. Since then various groups have studied this embryonic DNA present in the culture medium and have compared the results of this genetic endowment with those obtained by the conventional embryo biopsy technique, obtaining rates of concordance greater than 80%.

The embryos throughout their development release DNA fragments, from day 4 is when the release of this DNA increases the most, and as the number of cells increase in the embryo, the amount of embryonic DNA in the culture medium is also increased.

What is the Embrace Test?

In May of this year, a Spanish research group led by Dr. Carmen Rubio published a study in which 8 institutes from 4 continents participated in and more than 1,300 samples were analysed.

In this study they compared the embryonic DNA results obtained in the culture medium on day 6-7 of development, with those obtained by a trophoectoderm biopsy and they obtained a concordance in their results of between 72-86%.

They have developed a DNA analysis protocol for the culture medium, reproducible between centres, without any difference regarding the culture medium used in each centre, the type of incubators, stimulation protocol, performance of conventional in vitro fertilization or by ICSI, with a greater concordance in the results, the older the patient.

This is a new analytic tool whose purpose is not to replace conventional genetic diagnosis by biopsy, but which allows us to establish a priority regarding the greater or lesser probability that an embryo will be genetically normal.

As for the transferring of these embryos, firstly the number of embryonic transfers is reduced, the incidence of abortion is reduced and the time of achieving gestation is shortened.

It is a non-invasive method in which the embryo is kept in the incubator without any interference.

When is the Embrace Test indicated?

The Embrace Test is indicated for any woman who wants to increase her possibilities of gestation in an in vitro fertilization cycle.

We know that the embryo morphology does not predict whether the embryo is genetically normal or not, with this test in addition to the morphological evaluation of the embryo we have complementary information of its genetic quality without the need for an embryonic biopsy and it is this chromosomal score that carries the most weight when selecting the embryo with the highest probability of giving birth to a healthy baby.

Our fertility clinic will be the first centre in Andalusia to carry out the Embrace Test.

Clinica Fertia is the first clinic in Andalusia that has started the validation of our assisted reproduction laboratory to perform the Embrace test, with the aim to be able to offer all our patients the option of this new technique.

The name ‘Embrace’ used in this context is an English term that means ‘to surround’, it is the culture medium which embraces and remains in close contact with the embryo throughout its development.

We are excited to share this wonderful news with you. We feel a strong commitment to our patients and we are continually making an effort every day to being an innovative and close assisted reproduction clinic.

The analysis of this culture medium will allow us a better embryonic selection in order to improve our results and make the dreams of many women come true.

If you have any questions about the Embrace Test we encourage you to contact our team, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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