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Transparent and straight-forward prices at Clinica Fertia.

We understand that price plays an important part in fertility treatments, so when patients come to our clinic they are informed right from their first appointment and with absolute clarity of the prices of all our treatments, we don’t want them to worry about any hidden costs so our prices are transparent, simple and highly competitive.

We were the first clinic in Spain to publish all our prices on our website.

We believe in complete transparency and honesty so our dedicated team are always on hand to offer you advice and to answer all your questions in person, by phone, via e-mail and also through social media.

At Clinica Fertia we are also aware of the present economical situation, this is why we have a low-price policy while always maintaining the quality of our services and treatments.


No waiting list and first consultation is free

At Clínica Fertia we offer a first consultation totally free with no waiting list. In this first session we inform you about the different treatments available and we can study which one best suits your needs.

Adapting to the new times Clínica Fertia takes the consultation room to the comfort of your home, thanks to our new free on-line consultation service.

Fertility treatments

Artificial insemination

Treatment includes:

First Visit


Semen selection and preparation

Artificial Insemination



In-vitro fertilisation

Treatment includes:

First Visit

Oocyte retrieval


Embryo culture

Embryo transfer



The ROPA Method

Tratment includes:

Treatment for both mothers.

Embryo transfer.

€ 4.500

Fertility Treatments, using a donor

Egg donation

Treatment includes:

First Visit

Donor selection and preparation

Medication, analysis and genetic markers

Stimulation and ultrasound controls

Oocyte retrieval and fertilisation

Embryo culture

Endometrial preparation of recipient

Embryo transfer to recipient

Ultrasound for the recipient


In-vitro fertilisation using a donor

Treatment includes:

First Visit

Oocyte retrieval

Donor sample


Embryo culture

Embryo Transfer



Embryo donation
This program includes two embryos (blastocysts)

Treatment includes:

Endometrial preparation of the recipient

Selection and devitrification of donated embryos

Embryo culture

Embryo transfer



Artificial insemination using a donor

Treatment includes:

First visit


Donor sample

Semen selection and preparation

Artificial insemination



Fertility tests and procedures

Reproduction procedures

Applied techniques:

MACS – €350

PICSI – €100

Maintenance of embryos (after the second year) – € 350/per year

Embryo vitrification – €500

Vitrified embryo transfer – €900

Time Lapse imaging – €250

Fertile chip – €250

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Fertility test


Semenogram and evaluation – €110

FISH 9 chromosomes in sperm – €600 

DNA double strand fragmentation in sperm – €300

FISH 9 chromosomes and DNA double strand fragmentation in sperm – €850

Hysterosonosalpingography – €140

Invasive Genetic diagnostics (PGT):
1. Biopsy for PGTA (Embryologist,
laboratory equipment) – 500€
2. External genetic laboratory
(Genetic study of each embryo) – 300€

Non-invasive genetic diagnosis (Embrace©):
1. Embriace resource management – 200€
2. External genetics laboratory
(Genetic study of each embryo) – 350€

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Basic fertility test


First consultation – FREE

Gynaecological ultrasoud – €60

Testicular Ultrasound – €70

Hormonal blood analysis – €100

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Other tests, treatments and procedures

Reproduction techniques

Procedures and tests:

Basic hormonal profile testing, male or female – €90

Complete STI (sexually transmitted infections) profile – €135

Karyotype – €94.5

Gen DAZ microdeletions study – €126

Genetic coagulation study – €200

Donor semen sample – €300/per sample

Testicular biopsy – €900

Vitrification of semen sample – €150

Maintenance of frozen semen sample (annual)- €200

Intrauterine Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – €180

Genetic test for the study of carriers, preconGEN (Individual) – €550

Genetic test for the study of carriers, preconGEN (Couples) – €975

Fertypharm test – €280 – More information >

ERA test – €800 More information >

Endometrial – €980

Cd138 – €230

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