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Real case: We can not recommend Fertia enough

Words full of life that make us feel proud of what we do at Clínica Fertia. A few days ago we received the testimony of a couple who never stopped fighting to fulfill their dream: to start a family. 

They came to Fertia after several failed attempts of assisted reproduction. However, some of their friends knew about us and … magic happened at our clinic!

Do you want to know their story? Here you have their dutiful letter. 

We cannot thank enough all that the Clínica Fertia team helped us. Thanks to their love, support and constant attention, now we have our two beautiful babies.

We failed IVF in UK, followed by a spontaneous miscarriage and we had to look for an alternative path.

We knew very close friends who lived the same thing but later they were successful at Clínica Fertia, so we decided to do the same. 

Our gratitude to Doctor Elena Puente, Doctor Vega, Loli and all the team goes beyond what we can really put into words. We can not recommend Fertia enough. We felt informed, consulted and considered in each step. 

All the team made everything possible for us so we felt safe on this emotionally and physically enduring journey.

We would not be where we are today without them.

Jo y Ben.


If you are in a similar situation and need help, you can contact us at 952 59 23 23 or at

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